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In the rapidly evolving vertical of personal finance, credit cards have emerged as indispensable financial instruments for individuals seeking convenience, flexibility, and a host of valuable benefits. Beyond their fundamental function of enabling cashless transactions, credit cards offer a multitude of rewards and perks that can significantly enhance your financial experience. Discussed here are the top advantages of using credit cards and comprehensive strategies to help you maximise the rewards and benefits offered by credit cards such as AU lit credit card, a variant of AU bank credit cards or HDFC Millennia, a variant of HDFC credit card, or Axis Flipkart, a variant of Axis credit card and others.

Benefits of using credit cards

Reward points

Every credit card comes with a reward program where you get points on every payment or transaction. Such reward points may be accumulated and liquidated for a wide range of rewards involving gift vouchers, merchandise, exclusive experiences, and cashback. By using your card daily and strategically liquidating your points accrued, you can make the most out of your considerable savings as well as indulgences.

Cashback rewards

The most attractive benefit of opting for a credit card is the chance to earn substantial cashback on distinct categories of expenditures like shopping, dining, groceries, or fuel. By diligently using your credit card for daily expenses, you may earn a small percentage of your transaction back in the form of cash, thus lowering your thorough expenses.

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Travel benefits

Credit cards usually come with a wide range of travel-linked benefits that elevate your journey to brand-new heights. Such benefits might involve complimentary access, air miles to airport lounges, travel insurance coverage, priority boarding, and discounts on car rentals or hotel bookings. Whether you are an occasional flyer or frequent traveller, making the most out of such travel benefits can assist you to save considerably and increase your thorough travel experience.

EMI conversion

Credit cards offer the convenience of converting large purchases into affordable monthly instalments through the EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) facility. This feature allows you to manage your expenses more efficiently and avoid the burden of making a significant one-time payment. Whether you’re purchasing consumer electronics, home appliances, or even planning a dream vacation, the EMI conversion option provides flexibility and financial convenience.

Welcome bonuses

When you become a new cardholder, credit card issuers often extend enticing welcome bonuses as a gesture of appreciation. These bonuses can take the form of bonus reward points, cashback, or exclusive discounts on specific categories of spending. By capitalising on these welcome bonuses, you can kickstart your credit card journey with immediate value and advantages.

Interest-free period

One of the noteworthy features of credit cards is the interest-free period, typically ranging up to 45-52 days. During this period, you can settle your outstanding balance without incurring any interest charges. By leveraging this grace period effectively, you can enjoy short-term credit without paying additional interest, provided you pay off the balance in full before the due date.

Credit score improvement

Responsible and disciplined use of credit cards can positively impact your credit score. By making timely repayments and maintaining a low credit utilisation ratio (the proportion of your credit limit you utilise), you demonstrate your creditworthiness to lenders. A good credit score not only opens doors to better loan terms and credit opportunities but also reflects your financial reliability and trustworthiness.

Fraud protection

Credit cards offer robust security measures that protect you against fraudulent transactions. In the event of unauthorised charges or fraudulent activity, promptly reporting the issue to your credit card issuer ensures that you are protected from financial liability. The zero-liability policy shields you from fraudulent transactions, offering peace of mind and security in your financial transactions.

Strategies to enhance credit card rewards and benefits

Select the correct card

Select a credit card that aligns with your spending habits and offers rewards in categories you frequently spend on, such as dining, travel, or shopping.

Spend strategically

Concentrate your spending on categories that earn you the highest rewards. For instance, if your credit card offers extra points for dining, make it your primary card for restaurant expenses.

Understand the terms and conditions

Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your credit card to ensure you are aware of the rewards structure, redemption options, and any associated fees.

Opt for co-branded cards

Co-branded credit cards, partnered with specific airlines or retail chains, provide additional benefits like extra miles or discounts on partner products and services.

Pay in full and on time

Avoid paying interest by clearing your credit card dues in full every month. Late payments can lead to penalties and impact your credit score.

Timing is key

Keep an eye out for promotional offers, discounts, and special events that your credit card issuer may provide. Utilise these opportunities to earn bonus points or enjoy exclusive privileges.

Track your spending

Regularly monitor your credit card statements to identify any fraudulent transactions and ensure that you are on top of your spending patterns.

Utilise supplementary cards

Many credit cards offer supplementary cards for family members. By using these cards responsibly, you can earn additional rewards from their transactions.

Redeem wisely

Utilise your accumulated reward points for maximum value. Look for high-value redemption options, such as flight tickets or statement credits, rather than low-value merchandise.

Leverage partner offers

Credit card issuers often collaborate with merchant partners to offer exclusive discounts or cashback. Take advantage of these tie-ups to maximise your savings.

Consolidate your spending

If you have multiple credit cards, concentrate your transactions on one or two cards to accumulate rewards more quickly.

Avoid cash advances

Cash advances on credit cards typically incur high-interest rates and additional fees. Refrain from using this feature unless necessary.

Utilise introductory offers

Make the most of introductory offers, such as 0% interest on balance transfers or purchases for a specified period. This can help you save on interest charges or consolidate debt effectively.

Stay informed

Keep yourself updated with the latest promotions, rewards programs, and policy changes from your credit card issuer. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions and optimise your rewards.

Review annual fees

Evaluate the benefits you receive against the annual fee charged by your credit card. In this case, the advantages offered outweigh the charges, it might be a worthwhile deal; otherwise, ensure switching to a better card.


Credit cards provide a wide range of advantages and rewards that can considerably better your finances. By choosing the correct card, understanding the linked terms and conditions, and using the available features strategically, you can enhance your benefits and rewards. So, why wait? Make the most of your credit card usage and unlock a world of savings and privileges tailored to your needs.

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